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Site Engineer (m/f)

Vrsta edukacije SSS
Iskustvo: Pet godina
Mjesto: Čapljina
Broj pozicija 2
Jezici: Engleski

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited Podružnica Sarajevo

1.Site Engineer  

 Number of recruits 2



The Site Engineer is responsible for ensuring that site operations within the areas of its competence are performed in compliance with approved working procedures and quality requirements. Provides technical support and assistance to the Site Superintendent in coordinating routine and special activities and acts as a link between the field and the technical office.



Including but not limited to:

1, Assistance to the supervision of excavation, support of excavation and other activities.

2, Survey control, Concrete pour cards, order and tracking, Tracking material consumption, quantity reports.

3, Follow and protect geotechnical instrumentation.

4, Interface with Quality control department.

5, Daily Reports, Preparation of work plans, lift plans and Job Hazard Analysis.

6, Reporting to superiors and ensuring an effective exchange of information at all levels, Rebar and formwork take off and inspection previous placement.

7, Preparation of 3 weeks look ahead schedule for the site in coordination with the Superintendent.

8, Capability to coordinate with cost control department in order to provide the required information to control the budget for the works;



1, 5-10 years working experience is preferred.

2, Language: English, One of the Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian; CHINESE IS Priority.

3, Experience with SOE, Concrete works and earthmoving.

4, Experience working with SFWMD or similar owners in a complex and big Project

5, BS in Civil Engineering or Construction Management.

6, Strong knowledge of Excel, Word and AutoCAD.

7, Capability of understanding a P6 schedule and its application;

8, Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

9, Strong organizational skills, Detail-orientation, flexibility and multi-tasking attitude.

10, Attitude to follow instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.


Working Place: Capljina



Applications for this position should be sent via email: cscecbih@gmail.com


Kindly reminder:Please send your CV in English.


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