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Lab technician (m/f)

Vrsta edukacije VSS
Iskustvo: Pet godina
Mjesto: Čapljina
Broj pozicija 2
Jezici: Engleski

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited Podružnica Sarajevo

Lab technician   

Number of recruits 2



The Lab Engineer is mainly responsible for arranging and supervising the normal test and testing, including material testing, cement concrete, cement-stabilized soil and asphalt concrete mixture. Responsible for the outsourcing inspection of project materials, the application of raw materials and mix ratio for approval. Responsible for external communication and coordination.



Including but not limited to:

1、 Develop and implement site laboratory preparation proposal and test proposal. Arranging and supervising the normal testing, including material testing, cement concrete, cement stabilized soil and asphalt concrete mixture ratio.. 

2、 Responsible for the external inspection of project materials.

3、 Responsible for application and approval of raw materials and mix ratio of the project from outsourcing.

4、 Responsible for external communication and coordination.

5、Organize test and inspection in time according to site requirements, without affecting site construction progress, monitor concrete quality of mixing plant. Assist with the project quality inspection and completion acceptance

6、Review test records and reports

7、Complete weekly and monthly test report, check test record and test frequency regularly.

8、To compile laboratory management system and organize training and assessment of test and testing technology,and manage test equipment verification and calibration, organize testers to maintain the equipment regularly.

9、Responsible for the establishment of the laboratory and conduct acceptance through the ISO _IEC_17025_2017 process.



1. 5-10 years working experience is preferred.

2. Experience in laboratory of local motorway project, Familiar with subgrade, pavement, bridge and tunnel test work. 

3. Experience in applying for approval of project laboratory as per ISO _IEC_17025_2017 for motorway project. 

4. BS in Civil Engineering or Construction Management.

5. Strong knowledge of Excel and Word.

6. Excellent verbal English and written communication skills.

7. Strong organizational skills.

8. Detail-orientation, flexibility and multi-tasking attitude.

9. Attitude to follow instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the job functions .

10. Healthy, hard-working, obedient to the leadership of the work arrangement.


Working Place: Capljina




Applications for this position should be sent via email: cscecbih@gmail.com


Kindly reminder:Please send your CV in English.


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